Glossary of Computer Terms

Internet Marketing


Search Engine Placement


The old “Free” system. You must build your site with your key words in mind; known as search engine optimization (SEO). Meta tags were the first way to SEO your site. Then you had to summit your site to the different search engines. If all went well in a few weeks to months your site would then appear on sites like Google and AOL when someone typed in your key words.


Sponsored Listings


Sponsored listings have started to replace the old free system. Now you can pay Google and the other engines to put your hand built ad at the top of the page for a price. There are many different systems available.



Email Campaign Management


The days of effective spam are over. We provide custom software and guidance in building and maintaining In-house lists. That is we can automate the process of sending out newsletters to those that want it.


Ebay Posting Management


E-bay is one of the biggest markets in the world, especially for specific industries and products. They have their own set of tools to manage your E-bay store. We can set up your accounts and train you on how to run your store yourself.


Traffic and Reporting Systems


Many of the Systems designed to track website traffic are sub par. We have experience installing some of the better products on the market like Webtrends and Banner master. We have also build custom solutions for clients that need something unusual.


Print Ads


Many people don’t realize how effective and inexpensive newspaper and other print ads can be for your website. A few classified ads can are a great way to test your message.


Social Media


Web and Mobile based communities that are used to turn communications into interactive dialog. Sites where users share information of any kind with each other, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. So millions of people visit these sites daily, and they are the filled with banner and side bar ads, it is an excellent place to get your business out there.

ECommerce Store


ECommere stores are sites that people set up to sell anything. There are many different eCommerce stores available, some Open Source and some not. Most are easily customizable and maintained. Ex. OpenCart, Shopify, QuickCart




ISP Internet Service Provider

An organization that provides access to the Internet. Ex. TimeWarner, AT&T, Grande


The Cloud

Also known as Cloud Computing. The use of software and hardware to deliver service or data over a network.



When you go to a hosting site to buy the domain name for your site. Ex. Go Daddy or 1on1.


Virtual Server

A virtual machine you can buy from a hosting company with an operating system already installed on it. They allow you to have multiple machines on a single computer.


Shared Hosting

Where many websites all reside on a single server. Most economical option when hosting, because all sites share server maintenance costs.






OS Operating System

The software that manages the hardware of the computer, or device. Ex. Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS



A cell phone that more or less has the hardware capabilities of a computer.



Applications, usually for Smartphones or Tablets. Any program or game downloaded to a Smart device



The connectivity of all the different types of devices to each other. In the case of apple, where you can have your iPhone, iPod, Mac, and iPad all synced together probably through use of the cloud.



Small handheld computer. Usually not as powerful as a PC, but bigger than a Smartphone. Nowadays usually touch screen and very slim and light weight.


SSL Secure Sockets Layer

Provide secure communication over the Internet. Used in Internet security using data encryption.


Payment Gateway

A secure way to transfer money over the Internet. Pay Pal.



Web Site Technologies


Open Source

Software that is shared by all, and usually free. Anyone can get their hands of the code and change anything they feel requires a change, for better or worse.



Unix-like operating system. Known for being free and open source. Linux comes in many different varieties, due to its open source nature. A Penguin named Tux is the Mascot/Logo.


CMS Content Management System

Program that allows ease of publishing, editing, and creating web sites. Allows for ease of maintenance and collaborative workflow.


MVC Model View Controller

Computer user interface that separates the representation of information from the user’s interaction with it.