Building a website

1. Account Manger and Direction
2. Copy
3. Logo Design
4. Page Layout \ HMTL
5. Domain Ownership\Hosting
6. Marketing
7. Tracking and Maintenance

1. Account Manger and Direction
Before we get into the nuts and bolts of how to get a computer engineer to build graphics, or CSS layout. You need to contemplate some basic questions. These questions help to establish a budget and procedures.
• Who will be the project lead? You? One of your employees? The Webmasters?
• How much time are you going to put into this project?
• What are best times and place for you to meet with your web designer ?
• Are you comfortable with phone meeting and using software like Go-to Meeting?
• How computer literate are you?
• Are you an email power user? Do you use Outlook or similar mail software or webmail?
• Do you know how to use FTP
• Do you know what mail merge is?
• Do you have a digital camera and can you email photos? Can you crop and size photos?

2. Copy
Be realistic about copy. It takes time. You need to get as many people as you can to look at it. Copy for a 5 page website takes about 10 -15 hours to produce. This can vary greatly. Are you going to write the copy yourself or do you want your web developer to take care of this.

3. Logo Design
$500 is the going rate for a graphic art designer to build a logo and design flats with several rounds of proofs and reviews
$100 Decent Logo from a college kid or web programmer. Print Shops are also good places to find affordable logo design.

4. Page Layout – HMTL

There are all sorts of ways to “build” the webpage. It’s not a simple as standard print page layout because the computer screens are different sizes, and you must make your website work in Microsoft, Firefox, Crome, and increasingly smart phones. Some industries like restaurant MUST build website for smart phones as up to 80% of the traffic can come from these devices. Finally, is it necessary for you to be able to update content. If the answer is Yes you probably should build a WordPress or other CMS website.

5. Domain Ownership\Hosting

Do you own a domain name? Do you want your website in the cloud or do you want a a faster solution. If you are willing to learn how to purchase your domain name, PAY YOUR BILL ON TIME ALWAYS, and setup hosting account you can accomplish Domain Ownership and Hosting for about $100\year. Or you can have us handle all of it for $200 year and you get your first hour of updates for free.

6. Marketing

There is no limit to the amount of money you can spend on Marketing. Its also a good idea to share your marketing plans with your webmaster. The big question is how much should you spend and what Media System do you plan to use. Like it or not “Social Media” is the wave of the future, and for some industries (like the restaurants) the future arrived sometime around 2011. Other Media Options

– Paid Search\ SEO
– Craig’s List
– Newspaper and Magazines
– Networking
– TV and Radio
– Promotional

7. Tracking and Maintenance
Tracking is best done with the Free version of Google Analytics. Updating your website is always a good idea. You can pay us by the hour, or do it yourself.

Development Plans

Do it Your Self $200 – $500 with help from a webmaster.
~ Buy your own domain name and setup hosting with Godaddy. Learn FTP and Email
~ Write your own copy,
~ get a graphic art college student from craiglist to build you a logo. Or somebody. Or visit and decide if you can live with a database programmer building you a 1 hour logo.
~ “Build” your website on legal pad

Small Business Package $1000

We do most of the work. Several rounds of review, you must assist with the copy. This included a small amount of online advertising and one year of basic maintenance and hosting. After the first year the minimum cost for hosting, support, and traffic is $200.

Custom Bids $1,000+

Unique Graphic Design
More Advertising
Marketing Copy Experts
TV Video\Flash
Interactive Design
Business to Business Applications
Payment Gateways
Customer Support
Getting Started
Building the Plan

One of the most important aspects of creating a successful web presence is a sound plan. We’ve devised a list of questions to guide you through the planning process. Although you may know the answers to the following questions, it is still a good idea to review them. Write down the answers to aide you in your meeting with your personal web developers.

Your website goals
-What do you want your website to do?
-Do you want to sell a product?
-Do you want to generate leads?
-Do you want to use your site for product demos?
-Do you want to provide support options for your customers?
-Do you want to automate business transactions with your site?
-Do you want to add legitimacy to your business just by having a website?


-Do you have existing marketing materials, such as logos, text or brochures?
-If you don’t already have logos, text, or brochures, who is going to create this material?
-Do you know who your target audience is?
-How much do you want to spend on your site?
-How quickly do you want to launch your website?
-Are you going to provide all avenues of contact, such as email, phone, fax, walk-in or an online community?

-Logos and Graphics
-Text information for your company
-Text information for your products
-Marketing Material

One of the most important decisions that needs to be made when building your website is who will be responsible for writing the text, or copy. If you provide us with the copy, it will dramatically reduce your costs. We do recommend that you provide your own text, for you know more about your business than we do. However, we can provide examples and assistance.

If you decide not to write the text yourself, Nola Webmasters can provide someone to write it for you. Our copywriters will work with you to create the text most appropriate for your company. In most cases, copy for a five-page e-brochure will cost about $100 extra.

Once you have a plan, it is time to take action. These things must be completed to develop your unique website:

1. A meeting with Nola Webmasters to discuss the plans, procedures, and cost of the website. We will provide clients with a rough draft estimate after the first meeting and a Final Term of Agreement Contract once all questions have been addressed. We are happy to meet with you in person or over the phone. You are under no obligation to purchase until all of your inquiries have been answered.

2. After a deposit is received and the contract has been signed, Nola Webmasters will purchase all domain names within 2 business days. We will also load a “Coming Soon” page.

3. The client must approve all copy before it is implemented into the template. The copy and graphics will be completed by the parties designated in the contract and in the time specified in the contract.

4. Site templates will be completed within 10 business days and emailed to the client for approval.

5. Nola Webmasters will complete the website, review the website with the customer, and make any necessary changes. Once both parties agree the site is complete, an invoice will be mailed to the client.

6. Once final payment is received, the Marketing Campaign will be activated and the client will receive the website and workup files.

7. At this point, your site will now be under the terms of use of your hosting contract with regards to updates. Basic updates and hosting are free for the first year. Basic hosting for the second year starts at $199 and the hosting renewal date is one year after the domain name is purchased. Pricing is subject to change.